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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 15, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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left but let not your heart be troubled. why? my friends on the five are up for a special live edition that starts here on the fox news welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue and i am hoping andy levy is behind me at the "red eye" tease deck so we can hear what exciting stories we will be discussing. >> i am indeed here. coming up on the big show, no stories about donald trump. this is a trump free show. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa!
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>> thank you, andy. >> let's welcome our guest. she doesn't though mop about film noir, but she knows the pinot-noir. tv, writer, producer and founder of, rob long. she had so much wit you would think she was a philly cheese steak. host of the invasion of privacy pod cast, kate wolf. and he is an excia agent with nothing but time and blood on his hands. covert operations officer and president of diligence llc, mike baker. let's start the show. >> to paraphrase the movie days of thunder russian jets felt the need, the need for speed. vladimir putin's warplanes buzzed a naval destroyer in
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the baltic sea 30 times in two days. the pentagon released videos of the jets dangerously close and a simulated attack profile. that's what sap stands for. here is more of the video. >> things got tense. cbs news reports russia has them so close to the russian territory they were sending a message. russia's ego is writing check their body can't cash. that's a really -- i'm impressed. >> that's what they actually said? >> they did not say that. actually they said this is entirely inconsistent with the
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professional norms of militaries in proximity to each other. far less provocative. i want to go to the expert on the panel. was that uncalled for? >> it is definitely uncalled for. i hate that it is just a test. that would be like running into your boyfriend holding hands with another woman. this is not me cheating. this is just me preparing for it. we bumped monkeys, but it is in the rules. >> you have to prepare for those eventualities. >> bump monkeys? >> that's dry humping. >> thank you for clarifying. >> that would be if each person was equiped with a monkey. >> i think we all have monkeys. just different types of monkey. >> we can carry on with this. >> we have been all-around the world and seen a lot of monkeys.
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>> nobody is going to war over this. these incidents happen on a regular basis between us and russia and in the south china see. it is not really something new. what is new? the proximity is amazing. the fact they released the video is amazing and interesting. the reason this is going on is there is increasing tensions around nato and we were allocating resources to convince our nato allies we are not going anywhere. that didn't escape putin's notice and the fact we are conducting naval exercises with the polish navy, one of the most important allies out there. the russians were sending this message more to the pols than us. >> and what would you say to people? people will say this is obama's weakness. they wouldn't be doing this if this was another president. are they right about that? >> putin does this and he did it to the previous
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administration and the chinese did it to the previous administration. you have to have -- in this situation you have to have a measured response. what we should do though, i am not saying we shouldn't do anything, but aside from the harshly worded letter, what we should do is say, look, fine, we will increase our allocation of the resources out to nato. we have been putting personnel and hardware and money. not a lot more, but if you want to continue doing this prove -- provocation, fine. >> is this a provocation? >> it is a provocation. it is like the kids in the backseat. you can put your hand in your brother's face and say i am not touching you. this was two years ago this month in the same place to the same u.s. destroyer. this happens a lot. i think you are right. >> it is more important it happened with a polish
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helicopter on board. we did sell the polls out. he sold them out early in his administration and we have a presidential candidate right now talking about how he doesn't talk about nato. this is a smart thing for the russians to do, poke the bear and see what happens. i think obama -- actually he is handling it well. you don't take the bait. you say give me a break. where they come from it is not even attached to russia. it is on the other side of lithuania or belarus. it is not even part of russia proper. they are pretty vulnerable right now which is why they are being jerks. >> but, joanne, it is obama's last year. they know they can do things. this is when they do this kind of stuff when you have a lame duck president, right? >> sure, yeah, i guess so. >> is that your policy? >> i think it is just lame all around. we will fly really close to you and then we will respond by saying that was lame, you guys. i don't know. we have much larger threats
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currently than close flying planes and vladimir putin's ego. i feel like even focusing on this, let's not. let's turn it toward the other huge problem. >> do you think if women were running the governments of the world we would have these things? >> it never happened, tom. no women. >> i will just say this. it will depend a lot on the timing. you can see it be a thermonuclear war if the timing was wrong if you get my drift. >> i know what you mean. >> i am not an anti-feminist to you ladies. >> i see what rob is saying. >> men only in charge of the country. they will spend $200,000 on vladimir lenin's embalmed corpse. it was on display and here is
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a picture of him. >> oh wow. >> he is a handsome man. >> actually here he is. the recent polls show many prefer to have him buried with some complaining that lennon himself would have being treated as an idol. what do you think, rob? >> well, first of all i don't think lenin had a problem with being an idol. i was in hannoi and ho chi minh, they said there is a big sign saying hoe chai minute was sent -- ho chi minh was sent back to moscow for repair. can you imagine, just look at that picture, one of the real housewives, any of the real housewives would benefit from whatever they are doing to lenin. it would get so much better. >> it is really plastic. i think his ears are made of some type of clay or polymer, wax. they are doing all sorts of things. it is not just embalming.
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kate, i think it is a bit gruesome having a dead body there. >> i think it is hot. no, i don't. i think it is crazy how much even we spend on things like funerals. we spend so much on people after they have died and we are not taking care of the living as well as we should be. when i die, dig a hole and put me in and give me to science, i don't care. take the money and give it to a homeless person. >> that's really nice. >> it does seem nice. what do you do for the three days before you put them in the hole? they are going to start to, you know -- >> if you drink enough you don't smell anything. i am fascinated with the dead. when is the last time you saw a 500 year old body? probably never. you might never see it again. >> in this building once or twice. >> it is just so cool! it doesn't happen. >> baker this is a big tourist thing. there are lines to see why.
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>> i drove past lennon several times and he does look good. here is what i think. when we talk about poking the monkey or whatever you said -- it was something like that. what we should do is you know how they steal college mascots , if we want to poke there we should do an op. get in there and steal lenin's body as a prank. we'll give it back. >> i have to say, stealing lenin. >> we will register this. >> it is like jonah hill. >> can i play someone's wife? >> it is a big thing. >> it is like "weekend at bernie's." >> can i say i want that? i know you said you didn't want it. >> you want to be embalmed? >> embalmed in an open coffin surrounded by guards forever.
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>> wouldn't you like to be propped up at a desk or something? >> move me around a little bit. >> rob would look great that way. moving on what is ted cruz's stance on soup? he thinks it is okay. the gop candidate told "us" magazine that his dinner is always a can of soup. and his wife told a revealing story about his soup obsession. >> when i married ted we got back from our honeymoon and i was completely shocked to find out he arrived back at the apartment with literally a
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. >> should she have brought the soup back or made him bring the soup back? >> no, she shouldn't have made him bring it back. if you think the weirdest thing is that, you are lying to yourself. you know he has a crazy porn collection. i have seen some crazy stuff in it. soup is a weird thing. >> soup porn. >> rob, if you sit down every night to a bowel of nice, hot soup, you don't need any of that stuff. >> that's the thing. you can tell the way she talked it was passive aggressive with the soup. bakely what they were saying is the soup is fine. don't make me anything. don't cook. i have had your cooking. the soup is fine.
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you can tell when she is telling the story, she is a little pissed. he brought the soup. we will have the soup, but bring me an egg. it was more weird and less weird. >> i think there is other stuff going on. >> it is never just about the soup. >> i think heidi's mom, i have to give her props. she stood up for ted. she said get that soup. let him have his soup. >> you have to let the man have his vice. no really, i am concerned about his health. if this man could possibly be the next president of the united states there is so much sodium in soup that you don't even realize. if you eat the whole can, that is about two times the amount of sodium you should beacon supering in a -- be consuming in a day and it lead to high blood pressure and that's not okay. >> she is absolutely right.
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>> it is good food. it is chunky chicken. >> did you ever have the one with the bits of steak in it? >> the italian wedding soup. they make a canned italian wedding soup. >> you're right. the sodium thing is off the charts. >> i think it is fine. >> we discovered the world. >> western civilization is based on salt. cruz tweeted a video of himself riding a rollercoaster. at least he didn't tweet sout the obvious -- oh he did. cruz was wearing proper amusement park attire. a business suit. let's see if he enjoyed the ride. >> i am having a good time of the i am having a good time. spilled my soup.
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i got soup on my dockers. >> he got soup on his dockers. i support his soup habit, but don't take it on the coaster. >> don't take soup on the coaster. you can never take soup on the coaster. i don't know where to go with this story. i can't believe -- this is where it has gone to. this is what we do. if we are not talking about trump, we are talking about ted cruz. whatever happened to having candidates talk about policy and explain themselves. >> he does. he talks policy all the time. >> i didn't hear that. >> most of the videos, they made me like ted cruz all the more. it is fantastic. he goes on rollercoasters. he eats soup. >> he is like me. >> he is a human like every one of us. >> i feel like he is clearly trying to prove he is a human and if he wants to show he is relatable he should have shown himself gorging on funnel cake and then vomiting it
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everywhere. i make mistakes all the time so i would like to see him do something like that. i would be like, all right. >> i think what has made him the most likable in that same interview is he had his two kids out. those two girls make him like the most human person. yeah, they share tidbits and they are candid, but he needs to bring them everywhere with him. that's what makes it entertaining and i love it. >> the kids, do you want to keep them out of the spotlight? if you put them in the spotlight -- >> it is too late. they are there. >> you can't actually keep your kids out of the campaign spot. you just hold the people responsible. he is a big old awkward dad and the girls are like, dad, please don't embarrass me. and of course he is embarrassing them. he was raising his hand on the rollercoaster saying i am having a good time. that's alarming to me. >> we did that. we goofed with that. >> really? you did that whole thing?
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>> yeah. >> who does ted cruz? >> i think i might have done it. see, i fooled rob long. >> coming up, should we let people text in movie theaters? the heated debate next.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. all five presidential candidates descending on new york city on thursday night ahead of next week's primary in the big apple. on the gop side donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich addressed the new york republican gala. clinton and bernie sanders based off against a heated debate in brooklyn. clinton and sanders are clashing on issues like wall
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street and gun control and minimum wage. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> i have stayed there the whole time. >> secretary, senator, please. >> if we can raise it to 15 in new york or los angeles or seattle, let's do it. >> if you are both screaming at each other they won't be able to hear either of you. >> and at the gop gala trump is picking up a big endorse meant from the post -- endorsement from the post. former governor pataki giving his nod to fellow governor john kasich. a strong earthquake killing at least nine people and injuring 800 others in southern japan. the 6.5 magnitude quake knocking down homes and buckling the roads.
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they were deployed to the hardest hit area. a north korean missal launch failing spectacularly. it blew up and the north has fired off a slew of missiles. the u.s. navy ship that was buzzed by fighter ships could open up the rules of engagement. that's according to john kerry. the planes appeared to be unarmed. i'm patricia stark. >> with flat screen tv's and movies on demand at home it is harder and harder to get people out to the movie theater. the amc theater new ceo says he is open to making them texting and mobile device friendly. when you tell a 22-year-old to turn off the phone, don't ruin the movie, they hear please cutoff your left arm above the elbow. you can't tell a 22-year-old to turn off their cell phone.
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the reaction was swift. here is some of the response on social media. who is this monster? time to boycott amc theater. if you institute the policy i will never set foot in a theater again. i will cut up my stub card and drop it off at a box office at another theater chain. i will never go to your theater again. please just don't. and the simple why, why, why, why. and dumb, dumb, dumb. many blame millennials calling them selfish and rude. is this general hostility? i find it far more annoying than texting, but most people grew up with that. as long as your phone is on silent i am not opposed to people using their phones, but
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i guess i am part of the problem. >> rob, were you surprised at the reaction? >> i was surprised andy levy made up that many fake names. >> clearly. >> i feel it is a stupid thing. the problem in the movie business is not that 22-year-olds are not going to the movies. the 32-year-olds are not going to the movies. i don't know why he is trying to solve this problem. it is not really a problem. make better movies and you are trying to get the 32-year-olds in on the holiday season or holiday weekend and telling them by the way it is people texting and using their phones. maybe that's the wrong choice. >> maybe that's what it is of the older people are not going to the movies. they want to stay at home. he is saying let's make it about young people and let them text and do what they want. >> i don't think it has to be strong in either direction.
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i would hate to not check my phone if there was an emergency. sometimes i am like, is my son okay? it is $20 to go to the movies and i am not leaving home. what will i do on my phone anyway? read a review of the movie? be in the present moment, people. >> enjoy and be in the moment. >> i went on the facebook page of amc within minutes of the news breaking there were hundred of messages. people were screaming at them. >> i saw the same reaction when they started talking about allowing the cell phone calls. it is bad enough they got wi-fi. the airline used to be the last sanctuary. you can sit on the plane for five hours or an over seas flight for longer and you didn't feel guilty about not doing anything and you you couldn't be contacted. then
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they put wi-fi on. you should have heard the anger. this part of it -- i happen to agree. keep your phone in your pocket. don't be that person who walks around taking pictures. i go to my kids' games and even in idaho you will still have people doing this which is watching -- >> even in idaho. unbelievable. >> that's the greatest state in the nation. >> what about my point that it is the talking and the eating? people are passing popcorn to each other. keep your text device on and you can text each other and shut your mouth. >> we can let the market decide. >> if you are busy and you have popcorn fingers and there is all of that glorious butter all over your hands, you can't text. you don't want to get it all over your pristine iphone 6s or whatever color phone.
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more snacks make them cheaper and we are all happy. >> they made the snacks cheaper and the theater companies are going broke. >> let the market decide. >> i have to say i think you are insane about the airline. i want to be able to make calls and be on-line on a plane. >> just don't talk. >> i don't need to -- i like the six hours where i can do something like write or send e-mails. i love that. certainly not the phone calls. you can't be in favor of a phone call. allowing people to talk on their phone. >> i agree. talk to each other. >> we have all seen them, right? >> i was just about to go to a commercial. >> what is interesting -- >> andy levy is next. >> we have to go? never mind. i will save it for the next show. coming up, half time with tv's
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an -- andy levy. we just posted an episode. subscribe on itunes and fox news
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. >> how about that russian fly by. >> it is amazing really. >> you said to paraphrase the
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-- "days of thunder" that was a purposeful mistake on your part. >> maybe. >> obviously from the classic movie. >> kate, i always heard bump monkeyses is something two women did. >> i like to expand it. i think we all have the masculine and feminine with us. >> you said this is not about obama's weakness and the russians did this with the previous administration and the chinese did it to the previous administration. get out. >> yes. >> now? >> they have to unhook me. >> i am hooked up. >> come on here and say crap like that. >> i know what your political leanings are. >> rob, you said you think obama is handling this well. >> yes. >> get out.
12:34 am
>> do you want to get a drink? >> we have to get hooked and go. >> i prefer to watch it. >> you will know in about 10 minutes. >> i'll draw you a picture afterwards. >> kudos to you for continuing to hammer on obama. >> good for you. >> i know i get to bring it around. >> rob, you think it is fair to say the visit will get out of control and we will be lucky to live through it? >> yeah, well it is a movie thing. i just know that you are going to nail me for talking about -- >> you don't know what movie that is from? >> what is it again? >> is it flash dance? >> yes, it is flash dance. >> great. >> you can see the water fall on his head.
12:35 am
>> the kremlin is spending 200,000 on his corpse. you are fascinated with the dead. you know that is illegal. >> not that kind of fascination. i love looking at them. >> that's how it starts. >> do you like looking at them after you have made them dead? >> stop. sometimes. you talk about lenin being a great movie pitch. there is a picture book that is about stealing lenin's corpse. >> it has nothing to do with our project. i was not aware of that. >> by the way, i have now incorporated a single purpose entity to handle the production through that. >> i'll get your coffee. >> and by the way, a fun fact that came across the body in lenin's tomb is not lenin, but smirnoff. >> in russia, the body is not you.
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>> ted cruz and a hundred cans of soup. it is like a harry potter title. >> mike, you talked about your large pantry entry. >> i didn't mean to mention it because it makes me sound more posh than i actually am. when i had the soup i didn't say -- we had the soup alphabetized. >> i appreciate that very much. >> i thought you would. >> if you think the weirdest thing he was into is soup you are crazy. you named examples i will not repeat. you sounded like you thought about it. >> i can feel his energy and i get weird donkey porn. that's what i get. i am a psych -- psychic. i speak the truth. >> you get a weird lawsuit? >> you know what is
12:37 am
delicious. >> you can bump monkey soup out of that. >> rob, you said you thought heidi seemed passive aggressive. >> he jumped in and he said i am not a good cook either. >> it is like one of those things you remember. the day you get back from your honeymoon and surprise you are a lousy cook. maybe that's two day. wait three dayses. >> you think it is on the woman to be a good cook? >> i think i would rather have what she was cooking than what ted was cooking. >> you and me both, brother. >> i don't want to do a movie with you anymore. you are too dirty. >> you talk about the sodium content of the soup being high. don't be mom. >> i will be that person. >> mom! >> they sell low sodium soup. do it for yourself.
12:38 am
>> maybe he bought the low sodium soup. >> he should specify. he really should. >> boy the way, i should point out, that heidi cruz told megyn kelly that you chose to do the story about the cnn town hall and now i can't help but question your loyalty to this great network. >> wow. i didn't know. you don't watch fox news? you knew about the cnn thing, but not the fox news thing? >> interesting. >> we'll put a pin in that. >> cruz is wearing a business suit on the rollercoaster. that is crazy. >> business casual. >> business casual. >> it is my job. >> i know a lot of reinsurance guy -- >> reinsurance? >> there is nothing wrong with
12:39 am
what he was wearing, but it is not a suit. it is not a judgment thing. >> it was funnier to say suit. it got a laugh. play the tape. it got a laugh. >> if you need to get your laughs through lies, then, you know. >> that's the definition of a laug >> you don't even know where to go with this story. >> do they think someone will see this and then think, well, i was bt -- i wasn't going to vote for cruz. >> he likes rollercoasters. >> ted likes rollercoasters. >> i will stop you from that voice. >> it is actually underground. it is more of a bunker than a pantry. we keep a lot of food in the bunker. i call it a pantry. >> it is word play.
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amc says it is open to the idea where it is okay to text. if you ever get a call from me looking for bail money it is because i [inaudible]. >> it happened. >> not to me. >> it happened to somebody. they were texting and gun play. >> they got killed. mike, you said it is bad enough they have wi-fi on airlines. at least that only costs $50. >> it is available to everybody. that's true. >> tom, you suggested texting in theaters is better than talking. it is not. they are equally as bad. you know, i think i am focused on the audio. that's what bothers me more, the talking. >> you know film is a visual medium. >> it is the sound. that's what gets me. i don't like the chewing and the food. >> you have misaphonia.
12:41 am
>> go into a rage for chewing. >> you can't blame him for that. it is a disease. you are sick. >> get yourself looked at. >> i was done like four minutes ago. >> time to take a break. thank you, andy. more stories when we return.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. two republican presidential candidates are picking up major endorsements in the
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empire state. the new york post is throwing its support in front of donald trump while george pataki gives his nod to john kasich. pataki says kasich is the best republican to match up against democratic front runner hillary clinton. >> governor kasich is the only one who right now not just beats hillary clinton, but trownses hillary clinton. he will win this race if he gets the nomination. >> we need somebody who will bring americans together. not just republicans, but republicans, democrats and independents. governor kasich has shown he can do that. >> voters will be hitting the primary polls next tuesday. >> meantime hillary clinton and bernie sanders debating ahead of the democratic contest. sanders revived his attacks on clinton for taking big money from wall street and special interest. clinton threw some hard punches of her own questioning sanders' knowledge of foreign policy. microsoft is suing over a law
12:46 am
that lets authorities secretly examine user information. the government wants tech companies to turnover customer data without telling them. microsoft claims it violates its right to free speech. it sets up another battle over internet privacy. recently apple refused to lock an iphone used by the san bernadino shooter citing privacy concerns. and a panel is recommending parole for one of charles mann son's followers. the decision now goes to administrative board for approval. if upheld, california governor jerry brown will decide whether to free her. she spent more than 40 years behind bars for the killings of a rich grocer and his wife in 1979. now for all of your "red eye" tweets, back to the show. you never stop learning. i coined that phrase in 1997. taylor swift agrees. the pop startles "vogue" her
12:47 am
new focus is on short-term goals like learning cpr, making a cocktail and being able to change a tire. swift says when she decides to learn a new skill no matter how small she sees it all the way through. she explains "i got it in my head i couldn't do a split and i was really upset about it so i stretched every day for a year until i could do a split. somehow i feel better knowing i can." that makes sense, doesn't it? kate, i'm proud of her. >> i am very proud of her. it is the little things in life that count. the thing that bothered me is there is a phrase thatted is she conquered the music industry. that's why she is going to the little things. i said she has had a lot of hits. she didn't conquer the music industry. that's the beatles or lead -- led-zeplin. >> i don't know, you look at adolescent is girls and she looks like she conquered.
12:48 am
>> i wish you didn't say it in that way. you have me turned around. i will say i found the things she conquered to be the kind of thing you do when somebody has a terrible brain injury. >> they don't seem like even for short-term goals. >> it is the little things in life. amid the hustle and bustle you want to take the shaker and make yourself a cocktail. to celebrate her mastery is like, lady how bad is it upstairs? what happened to you? i have a lot of respect for taylor swift. i met her and she and i have -- we hung -- you have heard that she runs with a crew, a posse. >> are you in the posse? >> we were friend. i hang out.
12:49 am
i forget where that was taken. that was the kids choice award. we are horsing around. >> you guys. >> she is down to earth when you get to know her. look at that. that's back stage. >> she is photo bombing you. >> is she photo bombing me? >> that's the crazy stuff you do together. it is weird those four young women say we can only have fun with the middle aged dude hanging around. >> middle? i am a little older than her, but joanne i think taylor swift is great. great songwriter and performer. >> and she inspires women. i too have short-term goal. an emmy, an oscar and a tony and followed by a kennedy center honor. they will be coming to me shortly. we all have those. i would love to know how to pump my own gas. jersey girl problems.
12:50 am
>> you don't know how to do that? >> i get it. it us scapes you. it escapes you. even in the fame the little things ground you. good for her. >> what is on your short list. >> i was working on fly fishing. >> great "a river runs through it." >> i agree 100%. you know what, sometimes life can be overwhelming and you have all of these other things going on and sometimes you say i want to learn how to tie a proper knot. >> or the split. learn how to do the split. it only takes a year. we will close with a bedtime story. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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♪ no, you're not gonna watch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song.
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♪ it was always just a hobby.
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something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. welcoming a new student. it is not this guy. the new student is a humanoid robot named pepper. they are not just taking our jobs, but they are taking our algebra classes. he is equiped with cameras and sensors that allow him to identify them. he said i never thought i would be accepted to a human school. they are getting the full high school experience that includes dealing with bully. here is pepper getting a
12:55 am
classic swirly. and of course the traditional wedgy. and who can forget every freshman's first day? that's what i call cyberbullying. he is in a locker there. >> it is cyberbullying. gyro bots, they are go -- robots, they are going to high school. i don't get it. >> the fact that he can react to emotions so they can put him in social environments. are there a lot of emotions? aren't they all taught to just do it? >> joanne, robots will be interacting in this way. do you welcome that? >> yes, and i will have them as my best friend to cheat on them in math class. he is totally getting all of the right answers. or she. i don't want to assign gender. >> i thought pepper was on the line. at first i thought pepper was a she, but apparently --
12:56 am
>> we need to ask pepper how pepper identifies. i think -- what do you think, kate? >> i think it is terrifying. everybody is all about robots. did we not learn the i robot terminator and this is the apocalypse that is coming. they are in school to learn our behavior. they can take us all out. >> they didn't go to high school and maybe that's why they are going to high school. >> they never adjusted. >> that's right. >> your theory is high school will teach them to be nicer? >> through the bullying. if they have to ask someone to the prom, you learn. >> i work with tom shillue. >> i had to get over my fear. >> i had to walk up to the locker and ask her. she said no. >> i had to learn. >> what was her name? >> a special thanks to joanne.
12:57 am
>> you forgive her. >> joanne nosuchunsky and rob long and kate long and mike baker. that does it for me. see you next time. i do forgive you i think.
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channel. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 11:00 in new york city and this is a special edition of "the five". >> all five presidential candidates descended on new york city, making their final pitches to voters at events tonight, ahead of tuesday's big primary. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich aaddressed the new york republican gala and hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in a heated democratic debate in brooklyn that is just wrapping up. we'll get to the republican candidates in just a moment.


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